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Desktop Connect

ReadyTalk 2015

The Challenge | Combine two disparate applications into one to service the needs of both sets of users.

Desktop Connect

In the Beginning | This project had been under the wing of another designer when it became my responsibility. The product owner felt that the state of the app wasn't up to our standards and asked me to evaluate its usability. After running a few hallway usability tests we agreed to postpone the release of the product. We then began redesigning the interface to improve usability and expand functionality.

Iterate, Iterate, Iterate | Based on the usability problems observed during testing and shifting business priorities, we iterated on the workflow, interface, interactions and functionality, testing with users during each iteration. Here are a few examples of the work I produced during these iterations as the sole designer and researcher on the project.

Several iterations of design, testing and lots of development later and we've successfully launched the new product to our strategic partners.